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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

1/2 Marathon #3

So Sunday, Mother's day and to complete the Pixie dust challenge and to gain my 3 extra medals..I ran another 13.1 miles. I'm going to split these into 2 days cause there's so many. Since my knee Injury Ii was worried I wouldn't be able to run it. I mean I'd complete it easily but no PR ( Personal Record ), I hadn't trained for this run, Hadn't ran since February, and definitely wasn't where I was last year when running. At this point I just wanted to finish. But honestly there's something that comes over you when you run, especially a Disney race. There's so much adrenaline and you you just go. I've never been one to do interval's and I hate when one stops so I just Go. So my plan was to run Intervals. 1 mile...2 miles...3 miles...By this time my knee starts to hurt BUT it was good! So I thought I'd go another mile then another then another. At this point I was at mile 6 and exiting the parks to go to the streets. I for sure thought Id do Intervals or be in pain at this point but no, I was good. I also noticed a girl in front of me who had a great pace and was holding conversations perfectly with numerous people. So I thought, well I just follow her for a while and see how I go. 7, 8, 9, 10...Still good and following my new friend. I would speed up to get at the breaks and walk just enough for a sip or two and let her pass then catch up. At this point I thought well, I basically have a 5K left so I should just keep going. Anyone can do that and my knee was fine. At mile 13 Ii took off and left my friend...sorry Pocahontas ( thats what she was dressed like ) but the finish line is in sight. My goal, besides finishing was 2:45. I had a 2:59 in Florida and wanted to submit a 2:45 for future races. I had no Idea where I was but I was just gonna keep going. My finish time....2:08...Wait, what? 2:08!!!! HOW did that happen? I was amazed! And I felt good. Of course I went straight to First aide to Ice my knees and Iced them to death after but I felt good!
After the 10k we went back to the expo
Trader sams for our traditional dinner
As always, we waited forever
Carb loading
My 1/2 Marathon outfit
My steps after the 10K day
The morning's insanity
Can't wait to get my coast to coast and Blue medal!
We took our last picture before going to separate corals 
Waiting to go in Coral B. Which but the way is so much better being up front for once! 
They told every one to put your phone on flash light and look back at all the pixie dust. It looked cool 
Going through good ole ToonTown 
First Photo stop, I kept going. The line was kinda long. 
Ran into my friend and old manager Tamarah
1 Down, 12 more to go.
Going through through the castle 
Wendy and Peter 
Going through Downtown Disney to get to DCA 
Fun Wheel
The rides were going on. 
2 down
Exiting Carsland
And going through Bugs land
And back into the park. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Kids RunDisney race

After the 10K the kids got to race. This time they asked If I would do it with them. Even though I just ran 6 miles whats another 700KL. Well we barely made the race and were the last ones to go over in our group. However as soon as they were able to run they basically took off and left me. Gee, Thanks! I tried to get some pics but Bridget was able to get one at the end.

Monday, May 22, 2017

10K Ready!

The weekend before last Bridget and I ran our 2nd leg of our Disney run so we can get our coast to coast medals. Saturday was the 10K ( 6.2 miles ) and Sunday, Mother's day our 1/2 ( 13.1 Miles ) Marathon. Friday I went down to check into our room and get my race stuff ready. Plus the kids were racing after my 10K so I had to get their stuff. When I got my bracelet I only got the Pink but found out they messed up and were supposed to give me the Blue and the pink so that I would get the extra Blue medal. So In all I'd walk away with 5 new medals!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Little Red Hen

Baylen Had a Play for his class on Thursday. He had been practicing for a few weeks and was really excited about it. He did really good and was super cute! He even had a line and had to get up in front of everyone and say it..