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Thursday, August 31, 2017

A few extras

For some reason these wouldn't load with the others but I wanted to add them. Cambria was really into all the camp songs. Of course. And a few from their Talent show.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Last day

Our last day. We woke up and headed up for breakfast. After that we were to go back and pack up. When we were done we took everything to our cars and had one last meeting. At the meeting they told us we could stay for our last activity or head out when anyone was ready. Only 2 girls wanted to stay everyone else was done. I think we had enough of dirt and spiders to last us a while....So we finished up and took the 2 hour drive home. Down the windy mountain and back into the dry heat. In all we had fun and may or mat not try that again. Only cause we didn't like the dirt and bugs...ha ha. We're to girly!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Part 2, Camp Activities.

After lunch we went back to the tents for a bit. Once our 20 min rest was over We met back up at the top. Our next activity was to do some team building. It started with some games. All the kids had to stand in a circle and say "Pterodactyl" to the next person with out showing your teeth. It was funny. Next was passing a hoola hoop with out using your hands followed by the girls saying something they've done or like and then they have to switch places.  Then we headed over to a log where the girls had to line up on the log from shortest hair to longest hair without getting off the log. Then going from one side to the other with out touching the bottom. Up next was Archery. This was a long activity that the kids loved. Cambria was nervous about it but then loved it. After was dinner and our troop's turn to set the tables and clean up. Tacos! After dinner and a rest back in the tents we had lots of singing inside followed but s'mores, a campfire, and well...More singing. AND the girls did a talent sow.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Saturday was a full day! Part 1

Saturday was our one and only full day of activities and boy was there a ton to do! We basically had non stop things to do all day. Our day started with Breakfast then back to our tents for 30 mins before we met for our first activity. First up was Straw Bracelets and Ty dye washcloths. We had about 20 mins between activities. So after that we went to our tent for a bit ( which was super hot (95 degrees outside ) Which we all just sat outside. Then we walked back up to our meet our Camp leader's, Did I mention they had crazy names like Hot Tamale, Fairy Tale, Tortuga, and Dragon? No, seriously. Cambria's favorite was a girl Named Fairy tale. We went for a little hike before lunch to see how the lack of water has effected the mountains.