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Monday, May 31, 2010

Cadon's 3rd Birthday.

Yesterday My mom, Cambria and I headed out to Santa Clarita ( About 80 miles away )for My cousin Kim's son's 3rd Birthday.

The Birthday Boy!

Oh Brother!

My cousin's Kim and Paul. Kim Is Cadon's mom.

Kim brought her Bounce house and I pretty much had to tear her out of It kicking and screaming. Ive never heard her laugh SO hard! I think we need to save up for this for Xmas.

Bounce Bounce Bounce...


A little later we took her swimming. Kim took her in and she was loving It!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scottish Festival.

It's been a busy weekend. Yesterday during the day We headed out to the OC Fair ground's for the Scottish Festival. After I went Out for a girls night and got back very late. Which explains my lack of blog yesterday. Here's a few pic's from the Festival!

Such a Daddy's Girl!

Opening Ceremony's.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last week and Today.

So today was fun. A Tanker flipped over on the 91. Anyone who knows the 91 knows what this means! The 91 Is already THE WORST freeway! This is all It needed. Basically every freeway was bumper to bumper with people trying to take detour's. David had to work in Orange county today and It took him 5 hours to get from there to his work to our home. That's how bad It was. I went 15 miles down the rode and It took me over an hour on side streets to get home. This Picture is one that someone at his work shot. It's right by the dam not to far from his work.

Last week was Jana's birthday and they celebrated It while I was gone..Happy Birthday again Jana!!

Playing with Bubbles with her Cousin's.

She Loves this car!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Irvine Park.

While I was gone David meet the Family for a play date at Irvine park. Here are some of those pic's.

Guess who's hugging trees again?

This kid Fears NO slides!

"Hey what are you guys doing?"

Hi Grandma..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More SF Pic's.

On Sunday we got up early and meet one of my old friends for Breakfast at Cafe Zazie In the Cole Valley. It was a great place to eat but we had to wait forever to get in.

After Breakfast we decided to walk around Haight and Ashbury.

On our way back to the Wharf we took the Cable car back down. So we stopped by The Mall, which by the way Is HUGE! This is where the Nordstrom Is and there are 7 floors just at this one section.

China Town with The Bay Bridge In the back ground.

San Francisco has some crazy Hills!

Need I say more?

We ate WAY to many of these Sundae's at Ghirardelli.

And then on the way home we stopped off at Split Pea Anderson's for lunch. It's funny that one of my friends that lives in No Cal but Is moving to So cal this summer was in the area so she stopped by to say Hi!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back from Holiday!

It was fun yet feels good to be back! My mom and I headed out at 7am on Friday. We made good time and got In around 3:30 with a few stops in between. After checking Into the hotel we walked down to the Wharf ( about 5 short blocks, only 1 big hill ) had dinner and walked around for a bit. I brought my Camera but to my surprise I never put the Battery pack back in, Du! So these are part of Sat's trip on Cable cars and more Wharf.

There was a Fruit Market at the end of the Pier. Can you Imagine dipping those in Chocolate!

To many choices..

Golden Gate.

You can tell how windy It Is from the choppy Water. And yes That's Alcatraz in the background.

Seal Lion's anyone?

Last stop on our Wharf tour was Hard Rock. David and I tend to go to all of them where ever we are but this time my mom and I just popped in for a Lil Dessert.