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Thursday, April 30, 2015


B loves riding his scooter to pick up his sister and of course she loves riding hers it back home to...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finn and B

Between the kids Finn is a little more nippy with Baylen. I think it's because they are basically the same height. But sometimes he has his moments where he lets him crawl all over him. I think once he's over being a Puppy he will be way better with him.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ren Faire

I talked David into talking the kids to the Renaissance faire today. It almost seemed the perfect day to go. We had this "big storm" the had been lingering for 3 days but had yet to leave a drop of rain. So It was overcast and cool but only a 10% chance of rain. Which basically means it's not gonna happen. The kids loved seeing everyone dressed up and thought some of their antic's were funny. Like when a guy asked B if he was hungry ( he was holding a stick with plastic fish on it ) and B looked at him like he was crazy and slightly shook his head. Cambria didnt like the mask's on some people though. But In all even though it Poured on us in the end it was fun.
The kids got dressed up and Cambria got a crown there. 
B liked the Cannon.
Once they found the Pretzel cart they were good.
And I got my Cider.
One of the many stages
David got a turkey leg. He said it was good but cold. 
Cambria had to stop and talk to lots of people. These lady's gave her a flower ring and B a flute.
She Loved her makeup
We even ran into Gandolf
Who gave them a secret treasure,
And they just had to pose
And slay the dragon
She kept calling it a my little pony
And then there was this.
They begged and begged and we thought for sure they'd chicken out. I mean they hate any ride that goes up and down. 
But they did it. Not to high but they seemed to be having fun. 
They both did a little higher towards the end. 
We had sat down to watch the knight show when it started drizzling. We left but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to miss the rain and basically got caught up in it.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Getting the car fixed

A few weeks back I drooped Cambria off at school and B and I took the van in to get the brakes done. We were there for a few hours so we walked down to starbucks and got some treats. After we headed back and up a block where they had this veterinary place. This was a vet that did all size animals. They had HUGE statues all over of tons of animals. From monkeys, elephants, zebras, etc..It was fun looking at the up close.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Over the weekend David got a little camping get a way with his friends. Of course that would be the weekend that the forrest around his office catches on fire. Here's some pics.