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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finn at 6 months

Someone is about to turn 6 months and to celebrate that we made an unexpected trip to the vet..$100 later they pulled a foxtail from his paw and found that all his paws were covered in bur's. So they wound up shaving all his feet. He' and Me are not so happy about this but I'm sure in no time they will grow back. However he definitely has poodle in him cause what was under that fur was not Lab feet! I did however get him weighted though and he came in at a whooping 64lbs...Insane!
My Begging boys
He's not a cuddlier so Obviously something was wrong.
waiting at the vet.
Someone was very impatient.
Poor pup, I'd be sad If my feet looked like that to.. ha ha 


  1. What an attractive pup! What's wrong with his foot?

  2. Better he get rid of those burrs the hair will grow bsck