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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fall In Iowa

On Wednesday we headed out to meet Chuck and visit Rosalie's grave site.
Ditto's of course. 
After the cemetery we hopped out of the car to take some pics in the corn field.
Oh you know...
Then we found one closer and hopped in.
My sister being a scarecrow
Uncle Chucks dog
When we got back in town we looked at the old neighborhoods where they grew up.
The house my sister grew up in
The house I remember going to where my Aunt Nora and Uncle Lee used to live.
Right around the corner was this park. Huge and full of big fall trees. We parked our car on the side of the road ( where the neighbor came out and said people stop all the time to take pics ) and had a little impromptu photo shoot. 
Colorful leaves
More of these pics to come tomorrow...There was a ton!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kalona, Iowa

On day 4 we decided to head over to Kalona. Another Amish colony about 2 hours away. Its one we always go to cause they have the best market!
First stop....Donutland
This place is right by our hotel and we went to it the last time we were there.
We got a bunch of flavors to split. 
But really...How can you resist a donut hole.
After our drive the first stop was to the cheese factory. The cheese making facilities are closed now but you can still buy stuff inside. They have the best cheese curds. 
Up next was our favorite market. 
A few buggy's outside. That white building behind them used to be the old market. But just opened up a much bigger one right next door. 
Inside. Everything is super cheap and mostly homemade. 
An Amish lady stocking. 
Hard candies
Dried fruit's
Soup mixes
Gas lite to.
We were also told to head our and about a 3 min drive was where they'd get their textiles and a authentic bakery. My mom fell in love with this rocker.  
Inside the community annex
Hats anyone?
Downtown Kalona.
Did I mention it was raining and very windy...yup.
I LOVE this store. We've gone to it before. I had to go back. I knew my sister would like it to. 
Its a house and a barn filled to the brim with new and old. Plus the outside is a hole wonderland in itself. I would seriously take home so much if I lived there. 
Inside the top level of the house.
Out front. 
I think it was a success

Friday, November 28, 2014

Amana Iowa

OK, I know I really should get back to my Iowa trip. Especially since the good part where we went to see the Amish are coming up. Ill try to do as much if not all now. So on Monday, Day 3 of the trip we had it to ourselves. Although it was 100% chance of rain it was the only day we could go to Amana. So we pushed on and drive over an hour to get there. It only poured on the way home and of course there. And no we didn't have umbrellas. Oops! Needless to say we bought some. We found some kid ones that I took home for the kids. We went to a few of our favorite shops and the first one the nice man gave us a 10% coupon ( written on a post it of course! ) to go eat at the local restaurant. We also visited a few of our favorite shops that unfortunately will be closing in a few days. Glad we got to get in before it did.
Local Weather.
I asked Siri to give us directions. She took us the back way in. 
Which was down a dirt road. We thought we were lost but at least we got to see some cool barns. 
First stop was this little in door out door shop. Tons of cute garden decor. 
If I lived there Id buy tons for our yard! This is where we got our coupon. 
Post it!
The food was good and got us out of the rain. 
Then off to the woolen mill.
The inside.
Everything was pretty dead since it was pouring the entire time.
Mom even used our cool kid umbrellas. 
The Kitchen sink. Really this huge store ( had a big basement to ) that we go to every time was closing.  
Right outside the store.
Couldn't get enough of the tress!
And the leaves! Oh my! 
I can only imagine these branches covered in ice!