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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lee's Birthday

Sunday was our first official full day in Iowa. It was also the main reason for going, Uncle Lee's 90th birthday celebration. My Aunt had rented a hall in the next town over so we were close by. Maybe 10 mins. First stop was over to Marion for some balloons. It was off and on raining Sunday but we were inside most of the time.
Marion water tower.
There was about 75 people. A lot I/we didn't know cause they were on my aunts side of the family. But it was good seeing everyone again.
Crazy Cousin Randy..My mom's sister's son.
Lee in his chair. We all kinda stayed around this back table. That's Rick ( Randys brother ) in the yellow and black. And Chuck to his left.
The other crazy cousin Chuck, My moms Other sisters son.
Most of the cousins
Don't mind the writing on top, my sister sent me these pics. Mom with her girls.
My moms sister and Brother.
Cute little house outside the hall.
Your going to be seeing lot's of random tree pics. We couldn't help but love the fall colors!
Since they only had cake and drinks at the party we all went out to eat after. It was myself, Mom, Sister, Cousin Randy, cousin Rick, His wife Sherri, and their son Ryan and his girlfriend Ellie.
We were so excited for a flight of beer for $4.95! I mean it would be like $15 here!
Randy was having to much fun taking pics.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Yes I know, I've been gone for a while. Besides being busy with 2 kids in school I just got back from a 10 day trip with my mom and sister to Iowa. It was for my uncles 90th birthday. I took the train cause besides it being cheaper it worked out better with me getting in a day earlier and getting the rental car. Here's a few pics from the train ride and arrival.
Nice cold weather in New Mexico
Kansas City Missouri
We stopped there for over an hour
I sat in the dome car the majority of the time.
Pretty rivers and streams on the way
Over the Bridge
Missouri River
I saw this park that said "walt Disney park" and thought that was odd so I checked the weather to see where I was and I was in his home town.
I just so happened to be eating some Disney pretzels to.
This was the park
The new city over
Crossing the Iowa river
Where we will be staying for the next week.
A bed room in one room.
And a kitchen/living room with pull out bed in the living room.
The view from the room.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Baylens friend that he plays with everyday I take Cambria to school. His big brother goes to Cambria's school.
Checking out all the start wars...
No time for potty training when we need a snack!
Baylens drawing of a pumpkin.