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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Festival of Fantasy

This new parade had debuted about 2 weeks before we go there. There was no way we were going to be able to sit on the curb to watch it since people were lined up for the 3pm parade the moment they got into the park. Ya the kids weren't going to wait that long and we had stuff to do. So we managed to fit it in with a somewhat good view during our 1:30 lunch reservation. After we finished up lunch we decided to finish up the day over at Hollywood studios. It was around 5pm when we got there. Those pics to come tomorrow.
Waiting for the parade
Of course everyone loved this part
It was a cute float with dancers, the mime, and Maximus hanging on.
Peter and Wendy
It had a cute Tic Toc following behind to
This awesome dragon. Only thing wrong was there was no sleeping beauty. Cambria caught on to that quick!
Everyone would gasp when she would breathe fire...
This float was 2nd to last with a bunch of characters on and dancing around it.
Of course the last one..
I forgot to post this from the night before. This is what we saw when we came back to our room. Silly Animals!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GoodBye Magic Kingdom

On our last day at Magic Kingdom we went into to just finish up Tomorrowland. The first thing we did was pop into the movie theater right inside on the right. There was only a 15 mins for a normally 2 hour wait so why not! Inside you got to meet Mickey Mouse. Now this was no normal Mickey. He talked. Like his eyes moved and mouth moved. Kind of weird. Which would explain why B didn't want to go near him. Cambria kept saying " He talks, that's crazy!" Tell me about it kid! After we headed to Tomorrowland. First up, Buzz light year. I think ours is better. Next Carousel of progress. The kids were unsure but loved it! After, People mover. They loved this one to! After was "Topia" as Cambria calls it. Baylen rode with my mom. When we got off Alice and the white rabbit were right across the way. Alice left, no biggie since we already have her autograph but the white rabbit stayed. We wanted to go on the tea cups but had about 20mins before our dinner reservation. So we by passed it and headed to main street. When Baylen saw that there was a lady and the tramp restaurant we had to fit it in somewhere. We had 1:30 reservations and stayed for the 3:00 parade. Those pics to come tomorrow since I have a lot cause it is a new parade.
Mickey and Minnie Topiarys
The entrance
Walking through. We didn't do the monster inc or stiches escape. I know they wouldn't have liked them.
Waiting for the Buzz light year ride
This shooting is serious stuff!
It took them a while to work up the nerve to stand in there with Zerg
Specks for it's self.
I think this was the 80's or 90's but very outdated so must have been the 80's...ha ha
On to the people mover
Autopia view from the people mover
Looking around
Everyonce in a while it would speed up, B liked that.
Getting ready to ride!
My partner
That's Baylen and Grandma in the blue car
View of the castle
Right behind us!
Got to meet the white rabbit
See what I mean, they loved to play in the stroller.
OK, this is the best and highly recommended! If they are making cotton candy you can ask them for a sample..Yes, that is a sample size! They thought this was great!
Of course with dessert first our late lunch reservations were next. They could watch the movie in the lobby while waiting. They also had a cast member coming by having you throw up a rubber pizza crust. Also they had a small table with bubbles and coloring.
We ordered some Zucchini fries as an appetizer. They were SO good!
My mom had a chicken parmesan and I had a penne with veggies in a balsamic brooth
They had been begging for one of these for months and I told them when we go to Disney world you can have one.
They barely ate any of it before they were done. I knew they wouldn't eat much.
Waiting for the parade. Those pics to come tomorrow.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Part 2 of the Magic Kingdom

After walking through the side way going through Liberty square. We had to stop for a bit for the Parade to go by and we were headed to lunch. When we finally got across and to the restaurant to our surprise they were closing for lunch to set up for a family style dinner. That wouldn't work, to much food for us so we pressed on. We went into frontierland and had lunch at Pecos Bills tall tale café. After we walked around and saw splash mountain but now one wanted to rude it so we decide to go to bear country jamboree. The kids weren't to sure but after the 10 min wait they loved it. Seemed kind of short though. But then again ours has been gone for so long I don't remember. We decided to walk down the main walk way when we heard all this yelling. Some guy jumped out and started dancing. Then a few more joined him. Soon it was a flash mob including a few characters. Baylen of course hid behind me but Cambria jumped out with them. She loved it! After our little dance party we made a short cut through to Adventureland. First stop, the magic carpet ride. This was probably their favorite ride at Magic Kingdom. It's basically Dumbo. After we went into the Tiki Room, since it was right next door. The kids had mixed feelings on this. They liked it until the thunder happened. I knew they weren't going to like that. We tried going on Jungle cruise but the line was over an hour wait and besides at that point they noticed the tree house. They love ours so I knew they'd like this one to. Themed to the Original tree house still. We headed back to Fantasyland so we could meet Ariel and then headed home for an early night ( not really since it was about 9pm by the time we go back . We did another 30min Bug's life movie in front of resort that night.
Waiting for the show to start
Cambria's favorite was the bear that swung down, I knew it would be.
Baylen kept his eyes on these guys.
Here comes the flash mob!
There was a ton of people dancing and watching!
She kinda got stuck with this crazy guy, Wendal...But she didn't mind.
I love the look on her face,
They sung and danced to 4 songs.
Carpet ride.
I took them on.
They wanted an orange bird cup, I had them fill it with water.
Tiki room
These Tiki guys weren't on but I guess they spray mist.
Swiss Family tree house
She would do the whole thing by her self if I let her.
View from the top
On our way out of Adventureland.
We rented a double stroller and the kids LOVED that they could sit next to each other. Cambria kept grabbing is face all day telling him how cute he was with his new haircut.
Castle shot
In front of the castle facing Main street.
The new ride that still wasn't opened yet...
Cambria wanted to meet Ariel with the fin'