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Friday, April 11, 2014

Magic Kingdom.

The first full day David was in we went to magic kingdom. The kids were excited! We had a quick breakfast and headed out on the busses!It was finally a warm day so we all get loaded down with the sun screen. We decided to at least get Fantasyland done since it was all pretty much new and stuff we don't have at home. There was so much we didn't even leave that land and still didn't see I all! Part 2 Tomorrow!
View from the bus window.
Magic Kingdom.
She wanted to pose.
I didn't even ask B if he would take a pic cause it's usually no, but this time he jumped out and posed right away!
Silly boys!
Theres a show in front of the castle that we saw on another day but when you walk to the sides to go through theres a Cinderella Mosaic on the walls. I love that store on the right with jacks bean stock!
This is cute. Story time with Belle. You go through Maurice's cottage and into a waiting room area where there's a mirror. The enchanting mirror comes to life and lets you in another room with the wardrobe that talks. The cast member hands out "pieces" that go with a story to be told. All the kids and some adults get parts.
Talking Wardrobe.
Cambria played Maurice in jail at the castle and Baylen was one of the salt and pepper shakers.
After you go in a room with Lumiere who talks as well.
All the kids tell their story and then they parade around.
Protecting her brother.
After we made our was to "be our guest" restaurant. The lined looked long but it went fast.
Family pic
when you walk in the knights whisper to each other.
We sat in the main dining room.
Main dining room area.
There's also 2 side rooms. This one was well lit and had a music box in the middle.
The west wing. Dark and had thunder ever so often.
Trying "the grey stuff". It basically tasted like cookies and cream whipped cream.
At the exit.
We did catch a glimpse of the parade going through. David wanted to see Merida.
I wanted to see the cool steam punk dragon!
To be continued.....

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