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Friday, April 25, 2014

Epcot at night.

Are you tired of these pics? I'm sorry, there is a ton! I'm just a little over half way through them..But really there's not much going on around here so no new photo's to show! So after our little jaunt around the front of Epcot we decided to finish off the rest of the world showcase that kind of got skipped over due to the down pour.
Canada...first on the list.
The gardens are supposed to represent Victoria Gardens.
On the way to the Movie they have inside were these waterfalls.
They had their duffy bears to get colored and stamped.
After Canada ( no food Kiosk there ) we headed to the UK. I forgot to take a pic of our food but we got the Lemon scones and the Iron horse which was a champagne.
Of course I managed to get a pic of the drink..
Phone booths!
Pooh and Tigger only had a few people in line so we got a quick photo opportunity.
By UK!
Off the France! Which I don't have a pic of the menu yet I swore I took one. Ill find it sometime and post it. But My mom got the Orange Macaroon and I tried the gnocchi. It was ok, but not like your typical gnocchi.
We waited forever in the sun for Belle but since we haven't seen her in her blue dress we had to do it!
Aladdin and Jasmine. Baylen chickened out after we once again waited forever! Aladdin posed Cambria's wolf she had bought in Canada,
Japan! We got the Frushi that we had heard so many good things about and I got the Pineapple Paradise. Both were eh...Not a lot of flavors.  
Frushi and the Pineapple drink.
This was in America. We didn't get anything here since it was all meat. I did take more pics but on our last full day there so those to come later!
Italy! Baylen's new favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp so he was in heaven!
Via Napoli. I had heard good things about this place but didn't make a reservation. We stopped by since it was dinner time and were hoping to get in. We waited about 15 mins and got in. The food was SO good! My mom and I split the Quattro Formagio pizza and the fresh mozzarella bites. The kids split a spaghetti with butter and cheese. This was the one thing that Cambria ate the most of!
Snow white Topiary.
Night view of the lake.
They loved the lights in the side walk on the way out.
Had to stop for 1 more Raspberry margarita on the way out!

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