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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Epcot! Why cant we have an Epcot here? It really is the best!We just so happened to be there when the Flower and Garden festival was going on. Basically they had food kiosk's set up in front of every country with sample foods from different counties or theirs. We hit up all but 1! My Fav? The Margarita in Mexico and the Egg Rolls and Candied Strawberries in China. I mean seriously those things were good! There was possible rain in the forecast for the day but we didn't want it to ruin Epcot so we pressed on. We passed everything in the entrance and headed for the world showcase. THE best part! We turned left and headed to Mexico. First food Kiosk! I got a mushroom Quesadilla and a Raspberry Margarita. We left the stroller outside and headed in. The kids picks a Perry and Duffy to get a stamp and color. After went over the "market" area to play with the hats. I mean who doesn't! Then we went on the ride. Which by the way was one of the kid's favorites and we rode again on another day. On our way out....The rain came. Thunder to. We busted out the ponchos and had to buy 2 more. It wasn't to bad. So we headed to Norway. Went on the ride ( which the kids hated ) and when it exited into the store found a ton of people cause it was pouring outside. We waited for a bit but it was just to crowded so we headed over to England ( back the way we came ) and went to Rose and Crown for a early lunch. We stayed there for over an hour. I was going to be meeting up with an Online friend that I've known for many years who just moved to Florida so I was excited! Just before she got into the park it stopped raining. After eating and before meeting up with her we went into the shops for a bit. Apparently when I went to put our name in Cambria ( with David in tow ) meet a girl ( a cast member )who was working in the shop. She ( Sarah ) told her if she came back after lunch she would have a sword fight with her. She remembered. When we came back Sarah remembered to. She got a little busy so we waited in line for Mary poppins. After we meet her Cambria went and meet her for a fight. They fought a little and of course she had Cambria win. At the end she gave Cambria a bag with A Pink Princess crown in it for winning. So sweet! Cambria was so excited! We went out after and meet up with my friend Anna her Husband Greg and their 2 kids, Alexis and Cameron. We stayed for a little but to talk and take pics but they had dinner reservations and it had stopped raining so we had some time to make up around the world! More to come tomorrow!
Flower and Garden Festival.
Along with the food and flowers everywhere they had Topiary's set up everywhere.
This one you could get in and take pics!
Of course they spotted the water!
Flowers and clouds!
The first Kiosk my mom got the beet salad ( which she had again on another day cause she said it was that good ).
Reading the story while waiting in line.
Meeting Duffy bear.
Awe Mexico.
I think I had 4 of these before our last day.
View of the inside.
Dress up!
Silly Baylen.
See even the big kids like it!
The Three Caballeros' ride.
Which is basically like small world.
And the kid's top choice!
This was the only thing that came out. The ride is super dark.
The Infamous troll, the kids were afraid of him.
Annnnnnnnd this happened.
This is when we made it to England. I was trying to take a pic of his shirt.
David got Bangers and Mash.
Note the Spaghetti between us. Ya this kid is way to into Lady and the Tramp.
Finally it stopped raining! Notice the Topiary's.
Meeting Mary. This was about the time Baylen was over the character pictures.
Her sword fight with Sarah.
Giving her her bag!
Meeting Anna! And Cameron in the corner =)
This was the best we could get with the kids. Baylen was being clingy and not wanting his pic taken.
An of course these 2 hit it off Instantly.

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  1. Why doesn't Anaheim have an Epicot. Where would we park? They'd have to buy all the apartments to the West of the park and then some more. Land is just to expensive out here. Nothing left bare.