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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back to the Magic Kingdom.

Wednesday and Thursday before we left were to be our last day at Magic Kingdom since we were blocked out on Friday and Saturday. We got in around 11 and the first thing we did was check the barber shop to see If we could get B a haircut. There was no wait time but we had about 12 people before us. So we figured we had at least an hour. My mom waited by the shop while the kids and I walked main street for a bit and grabbed some starbucks. When we went back we waited about 20 mins before being called. Baylen got a first haircut complete with certificate and mickey ears and Cambria just got Pixie dusted. I was surprised how good he was since he had hated every other time I had cut his hair. He almost feel asleep! Cambria loved her pixie dust and her Ariel dress she got that morning. I had bought it back in January on sale from xmas and saved it for that day. We tried to fit in some more stuff we hadn't done before. but still ran out of time, like always!
Magic Kingdom
Picture with Marie
When we were walking main street there was a mini parade going on.
Celebrate parade
Waiting to get their hair done.
He had no Idea what was in store.
The Barber shop. It was really small. Only 3 chairs.
She choose her hair to be up.
She loved it!
Oh that long hair....
Watching the Parade come by again..
See what I mean. In a daze.
They had everything to keep the kids busy. Bubbles, stickers, light spinning things.
First look.
The back of his ears.
He got a little pixie dust. It didn't stay in long.
All done
When we were done we headed up main street.
We caught the end of the parade.
We waited about 10 mins in front of the castle for the castle show.
Princesses included.
Cambria's favorite.
I was hoping to meet Wendy but we never did.
Not gonna lie, Capt hook was a little freaky looking.
The end.
On the other side of the castle
Attempting to pull out the sword.
Of course we had to go on it's a small world.
There's seemed bigger.
Mostly the same dolls in side.
Our outside is better though.
I heard cute things about this area of fantasyland. The bathrooms were super cute and followed the tangled theme. On the other side of the bathrooms were these logs people would sit at and some had charging stations in the for phones and what not.
They also had a few Pascal's hidden through out. The kids liked to try and find them. More pic's to come tomorrow!

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