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Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Magic Kingdom

There are so many pics from Magic Kingdom that I have to splt them up in to days cause my blog will only hold 30 at a time! ha ha ...
We went to fairy land hall to visit some princess's. My mom waited in the 45 min line for Rapunzel and Snow white while Cambria, David and I waited in the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty line that was 20mins. Problem is we both go up there within the 20mins. So Baylen and I went over to my moms side cause he wanted to see Rapunzel.
B and Snow white
Cambria's turn!
Of course her favorite.
More posing..
We were excited to check out the Gaston area. Complete with "pub" and store...
We had about 20 mins to wait till he came out so I ran Cambria and Baylen over to the lil mermaid ride.
We had 3 girls ahead of us then it was our turn. Baylen chickened out but Cambria and David were excited to meet him. When Baylen was hiding he told him " That's ok, I am an intimidating specimen". He was pretty funny.
Showing their muscles.
Inside the store.
And more posing.
We went into the "pub"
We heard the cinomin rolls were good and the La Fou's brew. The kids loved it. It was like a Apple slush.
Some Decor
When they took out toontown they put in this circus area.
This was the best idea! Dumbo always has the longest line. So basically you go into the tent and they give you  a pager.  Its  a huge playground! The kids were in there for about 10 mins before the pager went off.
They didn't want to ride the ride after being in there!
We need that waiting area at ours!
But then they got into it.
And then it rained...ha ha
Nice view!
They have casey jr's train outside that spits water on you and since it was already raining, who cares! Jump on in! Of course B ran right to it while Cambria waited.
Then we took a ride on the train and came right back to finish up Fantasyland.
In the other circus tent was Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy.
And Gypsy Daisy. And I know I have pics with the other 2 but I cant find them so they may come later!
Treats! And our ending night to come tomorrow!

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