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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Night time at MK...

Ok, this is the last of our Friday day and night at Magic Kingdom. I'm pretty sure I wore David out and he was ready to go. Maybe an hour after we got there but he stuck it out. We Stayed for the Electric parade since I wanted the kids to see it since ours is gone now. I would have liked them to stay for the castle show and since it was only 15 mins after the parade and we had prime seats for it we stayed. It just so happened that the Fireworks were as well starting 5 mins after the castle show and since we were kind of blocked in by a ton of people we stayed for those to. It was around 11pm when we headed out. We had about 2 hours of sleep until David woke me up asking for help cause Cambria threw up in her bed. Guess the nerves of the fireworks or traveling got to her. Other then not eating much the whole trip she was fine after that.
The start of the parade!
We had a few people in front of us but still got to see everything.
Baylen liked this part.
I always liked Pete and Elliot.
Mins before the castle show. See all the people. You should have seen behind me!
The caslte show was the best! They compile a bunch of Disney songs and cartoon characters together on the castle.
Wreck it Ralph.
Lion King.
Tangled ( the lanterns )
And this was a new add on...
You better believe when I say people went nuts!
Sleeping beauty.
Then soon after was the fireworks. It always starts with Tinkerbell flying over. Can you tell that's her?
ok, now my kids HATE fireworks but their warming up to them. I mean we really only see them once a year! They've never even been to Disneyland past 8pm let alone seen their Fireworks but since we are on vacation I wanted them to see them.
They liked them though. I kept asking her if she wanted to leave and she said no.
They have a song in the background that goes with the fireworks. At the end she told me " I didn't know fireworks talked"?!
The end...
This was her face. They didn't like the end with the louder ones but in all enjoyed it.
Even though Mr. B held my hand the whole time he said he liked it.
Back to our hotel.
Night view through the window.
Annnnnnnnd then someone fell asleep.
Yup, there was no waking him!

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  1. Have they caught up on their sleep yet? Loved the castle pictures.