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Monday, April 21, 2014

Davids last day.

Monday was David's last day in Florida. We started our day early and had Breakfast at Cape May Café at the beach club resort. After we took the Boat back to Mgm, errr Hollywood studios ( we had to take a bus there from our resort in the first place in order to take a boat the resort. We could have taken a bus there instead of the boat but we thought the kids would like the boat ride) to get the bus back to our resort. We packed up and after turning in our luggage ( we were going to another resort ) the to front we walked around the resort and over to the swimming pools. We swam for about an hour before getting ready to go.
On the boat the Breakfast.
Cape May
It was a character breakfast.
Donald, Goofy, and Minnie.
View of the restaurant.
I love this resort and hope to stay there one day!
Its very beachy themed and you can WALK to Epcot!
Not to mention the Fun pool!
And A-mazing lazy river and wadding pools. And their pools have a sand bottom.
On the boardwalk.
And across from us was the Boardwalk resort which is now a vacation club.
Ive heard good things about the seashore treats but it was to far from us!
On the boat back to MGM.
Or Hollywood studios as they call it now.
ok, now just the kids.
And back to our resort lobby.
Through the store is the restaurant. Which by the way had good food!
The kid's favorite thing to do. Smash pennies!
The lobby.
The entrance of the store
He looks so little here.
Once again she has to pose.
Our room.
I don't know why I didn't take pictures. I guess it was cause I was bust with 2 kids the whole time! But heres a few. Our bathroom area.
This is the dining room table that pulls down into a double bed where my mom slept.
View from our window.
Our area.
The drop off...aka The bar.. haha. This was in the pool area. Those pics to come tomorrow!

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