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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Epcot part 2.

Here's part 2 from our quick day at Epcot.
On the way to France we ran into Alice. Basically as soon as it stops raining all the characters come out!
Trying to act like Prince Phillip and Sleeping Beauty.
The Garden's of Versailles.
We got the kids some Sorbet. Cambria had Mint choc chip ( her fav ) and Baylen had Strawberry.
Yummy flavors!
They both liked it!
Another food Kiosk! I tried the Gnocchi and the La Vie en rose slush!
The Gnocchi was ok, not like your typical Italian kind but the slush was D-lish!
Up next Morocco!
They had a fun lil play ground ( which was closed due to rain ) and they were passing out go-go squeeze apple sauces. They had the kids eat them then they'd clean the out cut off the tops fill it with soil and put a Lima bean on it. They also said they Laysered the leaf to read go-go squeeze. They also colored a paper they wrapped with it. Cambria's has already sprouted!
Filling them.
I love the colors and Architecture of Morocco! There was a few restaurants and a meet with Jasmine and Aladdin but it was closed when we got there.
And arches..
Japan up next!
And another Food Kiosk! On another day My mom and I tired the Frushi ( it was alright ) and the Pineapple Paradise drink. It was ok, not strong at all.
Of course!
My favorite part is all the fun foods and candies!
Her pick of the day was Hello Kitty.
Sorry but we kinda walked past America...We were on a time crunch!
Italy. Which we walked by to.
Muppet Topiary's
Lion King!
At this point we also passed Germany and China. But don't worry we went back to them on another day and took pics!
David felt cheated on his time in Norway since it was raining and very crowded so he wanted to go back.
This time, much better!
And they weren't scared of the troll.
We started to leave around 8 but on the way out we were going to run into the Soda place to try the different soda's from around. We also just so happened to run into a few princesses.
Of course Baylen chickened out!
And onto Club Cool!
I even had the kids try a fruity one. They weren't fans...

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  1. Those topiary's are really great. Love Epcot and I've never been there.