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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Part 2 of Animal Kingdom...

I think the Dinosaur dig may have been their favorite part of the Animal Kingdom. Seriously, If they had this here we'd go in all the time just to play there! They had one area of slides, nets', stairs, etc.. Lots of different areas to play in! On the other side which by the way you would enter through the Dinosaur bones was a "dig". An area with sand that had buckets and shovels to dig around. Even dinosaur bones are to be found. The kids wanted to stay all day!
I wish we would have bought these. I also wish the cast member took the pic without his finger on the Len's!
Nets to walk across.
The view from the top.
Mini slides.
And this HUGE twisty one.
I thought for sure he's be scared. But no.
She looks so cute and little here.
The Dinosaur you enter though.
The dino dig area
It was nice and cool in here to.
See the dino bones to uncover?
They pretty much stayed in one area. They wanted their shoes off but it said you had to keep them on.
Pretty big area!
Look mom!
And back to the play area.
He looks so funny with his tongue out and running.
They had 4 color coded slides to go down.
The outside view. You can see the dig on the left  and the play area on the right.
On our way out.
Our dinner reservations were at The Whispering canyon café at Fort Wilderness lodge. David and I had been here before when we were dating.
The lobby.
A view into the restaurant.
The dining room.
Every so often they would have wooden pony rides..
Took Baylen a few rounds to get used to it but after a awhile he loved it.
See what I mean?
And of course she loved it.
Half my pics were blurry cause they'd go so fast!
And when someone needed Ketchup they'd yell "we need ketchup" and all the kids would run to all the tables and get the ketchup and take it to the table who needed it.
Look at David's dinner!
And this one had Ice cream as a dessert!

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  1. Wow, Disney World is awesome. I think that Florida has stolen a lot of tourists from California. A LOT! One can't see it all in one visit. Do they sell DVD tours of it?