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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Festival of Fantasy

This new parade had debuted about 2 weeks before we go there. There was no way we were going to be able to sit on the curb to watch it since people were lined up for the 3pm parade the moment they got into the park. Ya the kids weren't going to wait that long and we had stuff to do. So we managed to fit it in with a somewhat good view during our 1:30 lunch reservation. After we finished up lunch we decided to finish up the day over at Hollywood studios. It was around 5pm when we got there. Those pics to come tomorrow.
Waiting for the parade
Of course everyone loved this part
It was a cute float with dancers, the mime, and Maximus hanging on.
Peter and Wendy
It had a cute Tic Toc following behind to
This awesome dragon. Only thing wrong was there was no sleeping beauty. Cambria caught on to that quick!
Everyone would gasp when she would breathe fire...
This float was 2nd to last with a bunch of characters on and dancing around it.
Of course the last one..
I forgot to post this from the night before. This is what we saw when we came back to our room. Silly Animals!

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