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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Animal Kingdom, day 3.

I know these posts are long and there one to many pictured in them but it's so hard to choose which ones are the best! And by the way I took over 1,000 pics! So day 3 started with the kids sleeping away, of course! By the time they woke up and everyone got ready we had breakfast reservations at Boma. That's the Resorts big buffet style restaurant. They have a special jungle juice that is super yum! After breakfast we headed out to the bus and over to Animal Kingdom. We were only going to be there till 4 since David was flying in the night. We started off with the Safrai ride since we knew that'd be the longest. It was about an hour and a half wait. After we got off we walked around a little and saw some of the exhibit's. The gorilla's, hippo, Monkey's, etc..Towards the end of the day we found a spot for the 3:45 Parade before heading to out new hotel, Art of Animation..Those pics tomorrow!
Every morning..
They would not wake up!
Left view from our balcony
Right view from our balcony.
At breakfast
Taking the bus.
Made it!
Watching the otters
Safari, straight ahead!
The line was long but thank goodness they were entertained by the foliage.
He was excited!
up close
She was excited about the flamingo's
oh hello there!
Lazy lions
Monkeys eating lunch. Baylen thought it was funny they were eating "salad".
Lots of colorful fish.
We loved the Hippo's
Checking out the monkeys.
He was just hanging out.
She stole my juice.
We took Rafiki's train to check out the petting zoo area and characters.
The night before the kids got autograph books so they were so excited to see and get autographs from as many characters they could find.
And this one surprised me. A year ago they were deathly afraid of him. I tried to make him a funny monkey by telling him he has a blue butt. Guess it worked cause they always mention it and took a picture with him!
We found a spot for the 3:45 parade before heading out.
The kids liked it.
The safari Amber was good!
They liked sharing the Jungle juice slush.

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  1. Yum, can I have some of that Jungle juice or the slush?