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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Port Orleans....

These are just a few of the pics taken of the ground at the Port Orleans resort. I have stayed here 4 times now. Its basically our go to resort. It's very nice. Super quiet and themed very well. The kids loved it! We had breakfast here a couple times and Dinner once. At night right by our room ( and luckily we didn't hear it at all ) they had a big screen they'd show movies at. There were towels to lay on. One night we got dinner on our way back to the resort and had it on the lawn while watching peter pan. The kids thought this was great!
This was B, everyday!
I mean seriously! I was blowing drying my hair, TV turned on, everything and he still slept though it!
The window.
Our courtyard. Our room was off the left.
This is where the movies were.
Another view.
The walk way right out front.
That building was where the main area was. The boats would go there as well as that's where you'd eat.
River view.
View from the bridge.
The bridge you'd walk over to get to the busses and breakfast.
This was the front of the main building.
And this was at night, Peter Pan movie night.
Complete with jammies and Pasta!
Ya, he was a happy camper!

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  1. Beautiful. I can see why it's your 'go to' resort.