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Monday, April 14, 2014

Father Daughter Dance

OK, Im taking a mid week break from the Vacation blog! Sorry but it literally takes me 1-2 hours to do it. I have SO many pics on my phone that still need to get up loaded plus "trying" to put them in order is just killing me. So I promise Ill get back to it tomorrow. Which is the best park by the way.
So last Friday Cambria had a father daughter Dance at her school. She had been looking forward to it for some time. She still talks to Baylen about it to this day.
Before they left.
Of course B wanted in to.
These pics are from Davids phone that he sent me. This was the line to get your picture taken.
The Auditorium. Which was at the high school.
Cambria and Layla ( in pink ), not sure who the other girl is?
Our Neighbor's..Scott and Abby!
Poor Abby got stuck with the Kinder's...
They had Taco's, Quesadillas, rice, etc for dinner.
Layla and her. She lives a few blocks away.

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  1. Really really cute pictures, what a treat for them