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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 1, in a park.

After our few hours of sleep we were ready to get the day started...ok, not really. Do you see Cambria in this pic? I mean wake up!!! That was pretty much both of them everyday! I don't get it! They don't sleep in at home! gesh..When we did get started we went down stairs to The Mara for breakfast. After we headed to MGM..errr Hollywood studios I mean. It was MGM the last time I was there. Oh 14 years ago! First up? The Great Movie ride. Cambria's been watching clips from it since we booked the trip. She was so excited to see the Wizard of oz. She closed her eyes and hide when the Alien part came on. We did the Ariel show, Beauty and the beast, The movie ride, The tram ( which we just happened to do last min and got on the last one of the day ) and I swear there more but I cant think of them all. We did meet a few characters as well. We had dinner reservations at 5:30 at sci fi and we tried to get into fantasmic but it was full. The park was very busy but we made the most of it. The kids had fun even though Cambria and Baylen ( and I started getting a sore throat that day )were getting over being sick.
Wake up!
On the bus ride over..
I hope I get to ride tower of terror!!!
The entrance.
"Main street"
I know, Im the mean mom making you pose with the sun in your faces!
I pretty much had to take all my own pics to prove I was there. ha ha
First ride of course
Her Wizard of OZ.
Beauty and the beast show.
ok, name this film! One of my fav's!
Mermaid show.
It's right there! please can I go?
Right outside the lil mermaid show
Sofia to
It was about 5:20 when we headed over for our 5:30 reservations.
And since Star tours is right there we checked that out first!
He bought a Darth Vader!
ok, ready to eat now
The shared mac n cheese and my mom and I shared a turkey sandwhich. They loved the glow cubes.
Look! SF!
We took the last tram ride for the day. It was around 7pm.
Baylen liked the fire!
ok, take note cause she does this all the time! Everytime she would take a pic in front of something she would pose like them. Here she's posing like the marionettes.
Monster Inc..
Yup, another selfie..

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