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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Checking in to Port Orleans

On Monday, the day David left for home we were also checking into our 3rd and final resort. After changing out of our bathing suits we headed for a bus to take us to downtown Disney. We walked around a bit and had a early dinner at Raglan road. That was the place we tried getting into before but was packed. Since it was about 4pm we beat the dinner rush. The food was pretty good. We liked the Irish soda bread with a Guinness reduction. Every so often they had some dancers come out. Cambria LOVED it. She even wanted to take her picture and get an autograph from them. After we were done we took a boat over to our new resort. This is a place we always stay at. It's always a nice quiet resort. They did upgrade some of the rooms to make them "princess" themed. Of course the kids loved that. Not to mention If you push a little button on the headboard it has light up fireworks on it. They only lasted about 10 seconds so ya we had to keep pushing it all night, haha.
Downtown Disney
Fun statues to pose in front of.
Why yes Ill take one of each!
Her fav!
And Baylen's Favorite Animal besides a giraffe
Stitched spit water on everyone.
Of course he was right up there.
Dinner at Raglan road complete with Newcastle.
Watching the dancers
Picture with 2 of them
For $16 you can ride the balloon up.
Boat ride to Port Orleans
On the right they have these tree house Villas. One day I want to stay in those!
With her Ariel/Minnie she bought at Downtown Disney.
Horse and carriage with the slide at port Orleans French quarter. Which is still connected to ours and we could go over and use the pool, If we would have had time!
The lobby.
The kids got to watch some cartoons while we were checking in.
Out front they had cast members playing games, hula hoops, bubbles, coloring, etc...
In our room. Yup, they loved it.
I had heard people buy stuff to decorate the room windows. I bought these gel clings. The kids had fun with them!
And these are from the next day but since im showing you the room I might as well add them in now.
Tiana picture
There were princess touches everywhere.
Another view of the beds.
At night they would pose their animals doing silly things...

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