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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pool and Resort

The resort had 3 pools..We just went to the Nemo one. It was the largest and had a walk in pool. Plus a splash pad. Plus a little playground right on the outside. They even had life vest's for the kids which was good. We stayed there for about an hour then walked around. David left for the bus about 30mins after walking around the resort.
Baylen ran right out to the water.
No fear, this one!
Cambria was cowering behind me..
They had all the little animals squirting water out.
Then she got into it. But didn't go near the water being squirted out.
He was loving it.
This one just wanted to go in the water.
And when he finally joined I had to hold him cause he kept falling over!
But he loved it to.
Walking to the Lion King area. Nemo was in the middle. To the right of that was Car's and to the left was Lion King and then The Little mermaid.
The kids loved all the Statues..
And of course had to pose just like them.
Even Baylen got into it.
See what I mean.
Oh Cambria...
Then we walked over to the little mermaid area. These weren't family suites just a regular size room.
The kids weren't sure what David was doing...ha ha
King Triton.
More statues.
We remember we had disposable Camera's for the kids in the bag. Maybe a big mistake. They LOVED them. Especially Baylen.
He took so many random pics! More pics tomorrow!

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