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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Epcot..Day 7.

On Tuesday we had breakfast reservations at Akershus. It was a princess breakfast that I know Cambria would have loved. The problem was she ate little to nothing the entire trip. Drove me nuts! I felt like it would have been a waste of money cause the place was pretty expensive. So we canceled our reservation but still headed for Epcot for the day. We got in around noon and stayed till 9pm, closing.
Back at Epcot!
This time we didn't head straight back to the world showcase but went in and off the right towards The Living sea's. They have a restaurant that we have eaten at many times before but didn't go to this time. The Living seas is now " Nemo" themed. Inside there was the Turtle talk which we did and the Nemo ride which is WAY better then ours. They also have a manatee and tons of fish and sharks. They say the Epcot Globe could easily fit inside the aquarium there. That's how big it is.
Nemo and his pals.
Inside the ride.
This was my favorite part. Your caught in the current and all the turtles and fish are swimming past you.
They had holograms of the fish talking against the real Aquarium in the back. So all the fish in the background are real.
The Huge Manatee. The kids thought it was funny that he was eating a head of lettuce.
It took them a while to pose in Bruce but they finally warmed up.
After we headed to "The Land".
Inside they have a food court area below, with the boat ride that goes through "the land" area. Inside they also have a bigger restaurant that slowly turns showing the seasons in the ride. They have a lion king show and soaring. We didn't go on it since we have it at home.
On the ride..
You go through seasons and what farming is doing (good and bad ) to us. After you go through where Disney is growing and farming everything some of which we eat at epcot.
Fluted Pumpkins
Baby Alligators
9lb Lemon...Yes I said 9 Pounds!
Tomato and strawberry plants
Vertical farming.
After the Land we headed to The Figment ride. The kids had been looking forward to this but I think it freaked them out a bit. There were certain points in the ride where Air would blow on them and they didn't like that.
But they must have liked it a little cause their still singing the song from the ride.
They had a Tinkerbell Butterfly garden tented with tons of butterfly's in it.  
With Little fairy houses inside. I like the roller skate one.
Cambria wanted to bring them all home!
All the pretty flowers.
They also had a Monster inc themed playground. The kids could have stayed here all day!
It was tented but at this point in our day it got really hot.
Note Cambria's not in the photo's. That's cause I couldn't get a pic of here. She was running around like crazy!
A view of the world showcase
And our journey into the world showcase continues tomorrow.....

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