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Friday, April 18, 2014

Back To Animal Kingdom...

On David's last official full day In Orlando we hit up the Animal kingdom. We had 6:30 dinner reservations at Whispering Canyon so we didn't have all day to play! We had a little problem getting our passes to work so we got sent back to guest relation's. Well that worked in our favor cause they gave us a fast pass for any ride. We used it on the Safari. The line was and hour and a half wait and our pass brought it down to about 20 mins, Perfect! My mom and I even got to get on the Everest ride. The last time I was there they were building it...Ohh 14 years ago! gesh!We didn't get a ton done but walked around a lot. Saw a lot of exhibt's and shows. Once the kids got over to Dinoland it was over! We couldn't get them to leave. Although it was pretty cool. Those pics to come tomorrow!
Animal Kingdom.
Walking over to Kilimanjaro Safari.
The start of the safari..
One day I want to come back for an adult adventure. You pay a little more money and you go behind the scenes. You even get to hike over those bridges right there!
You can see all the jeeps ahead.
Yes he was that close. Note Lil B's hand trying to grab him..ha ha
Ostrich and her eggs.
Tree of life.
Up close...There are carvings of ton's of animals all over it.
Our view while waiting to meet some Characters.
Yup, these characters!
On our way around....
Yup, you see that BIG white mountain? That's where were headed!
Cant wait!
The view from the top.
Right view...
Ummmm ya I don't think we go this way. And then it goes backwards..
And there's a yeti breaking the tracks!
And then he appears right at the end.
We didn't do much here unfortunately
They have a dumbo esq ride that was a 45 min wait and a ride that we have at California adventure so we didn't do them. Other then that it's kinda like a carnival area..
And the Nemo show. Which was kinda cute and Baylen still talks about it.

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  1. Uhhh....Amy, that bridge you want to hike on is more like hang on for your life and hope you get to the other size. I think that if I ever get there, I'll just look and say 'Wow!', but you have fun and hopefully get there while you still have the nerve to do it. :) Disney World is truly amazing and maybe some day I will get to see it. Even if in a wheelchair. Did you see many of those?