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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finishing up at Hollywood studios

So after Magic Kingdom we went to Hollywood studios to do a few things that we didn't get a chance to do. I knew the kids would love the Honey I shrunk the kids area so that was on our list. We also did Fantasmic. The kids of course were un sure about it cause they don't like fireworks but In the end Cambria liked it and Baylen LOVED it. So much that he still talks about it. His favorite was the bad guys.
Getting of the bus to MGM.
At the entarance
When you squeezed the handle rain would fall
Onto what we came for.
Play area
This place was huge and crowded. More with adults waiting then kids.
There was a few slides, a huge "spider web" net climbing thing, Tunnels, Cave in the rocks that I lost the kids in forever, and water that spit out everywhere.
They spent a good hour here and were drenched in sweat!
I kept telling her she has to look out for her brother
When you step on the pieces they would play music
Cambria said " look, daddy likes ant's!"
Baylen's new favorite. My mom waited in line with them while I ran over to star tours.
Muppet show
Our seats for Fantasmicand of course with a pole in the way
All the people.
He was like this the whole time. Yet he says he loved it!
They didn't like the loud fireworks at the end but enjoyed  the rest
The end

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