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Friday, May 9, 2014

And just like that....It was over.

Our last day...That came quick even if it was 10 days. Our flight wasn't until 4:30 and we had to be back to the hotel by 1:30 to catch the bus back to the airport. So we got up relatively early checked out and grabbed a bus to the Magic Kingdom. From there we got the monorail over to the Polyensian for breakfast. I had heard great things about this Tonga Toast. After breakfast we took the monorail around one more time for B and got off at The Floridian and walked around a bit. When we got back to the hotel they had a little game area for kids to play while we waited. We had a layover in Dallas for 3 hours! Which since it was so late B was not a happy camper. He cried most of the flight. He was so tired and could not get comfy. He finally fell asleep an hour before we landed and had to be awaken again which lead to more crying. Most of the people weren't mad luckily but what was I to do? It still wont stop us from going back but next time we will take an earlier flight!
Sad Day.
The Tonga Toast, which was VERY sweet!
Magic Kingdom
I see the train!
He loves his ride!
The only pic I got of the Poly
Grand Floridian
Love the Alice in wonderland play area
Behind us
The loby
The kids liked the elevator
I'm pretty sure the monorail is his favorite ride.
Taking the bus back to our resort
Playing games while waiting for our bus
Such a tease, goodbye epcot!
It was their first ride and their last ride....The "fake-o-rail" monorail at the airport.
Local weather.
I'm pretty sure he was comfortable
Local weather in Texas
since we had 3 hours we had dinner...and coloring.
This is the best Idea. A playground in the airport. They played for well over an hour.
I was hoping we'd take off before the rain. No luck.
She did surprisingly good on the plane.
And were home...

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  1. Have enjoyed the pictures. Would love to see some of it someday, but seems unlikely so I really appreciated seeing your photos.