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Monday, May 5, 2014

Epcot part 2

After Norway we hit up China. We basically made our way around the world and saw a little more of what we missed on the other days. We left around 8:30pm and got back around to our room 9:15. We caught the end of bugs life at our resort to. Those pics to come tomorrow.
Right after Norway is China
We skipped it last time cause we were in a hurry.
Cambria was excited to meet Mulan.
And the kids got their Duffy's stamped.
Food Kiosk In China.
ok now I will say that these were probably my favorite! The Candided Strawberries were cool and a Crunchy on the outside. And the egg rolls...oh my! They were perfect. These were the best egg rolls I have ever had. And the sauce was a sun dried tomato chipotle sauce.. A-Mazing!
Looking back from China
We sat along the water while snacking on our food.
Kind of warm out but nice. No rain!
So after China was just a little "stop" that they call Africa. Just a few outside stores and these!
Super cute and fun Idea. We bought a few..
Florida Fresh was the next Kiosk.
To bad we were still full from China! Oh well next time.
We stopped in here and got some Caramel popcorn to go. It was very good!
Right outside Germany, the kids loved this train area.
They would have stayed here watching them all day.
Awe good ole Italy. My this point we weren't starving but knew if we didn't eat now we probably wouldn't have a chance to sit down anywhere so we decided we need to have some Via Napoli...again.
Cambria being miss friendly just helped herself to a soccer game.
Look I normally don't let them eat like animals but She wasn't eating a thing the entire trip so If this got her to eat I didn't care!
Moneky see Monkey do!
America is Located at the half way point. They have shows inside and a theater across the way. There was a 70's band playing ( cant remember who? ) when we got there.
Of course she had to dance.
They got a stamp and played with puzzles.
Woody Topiary next to the Food Kiosk. Which was all meat so I didn't stop.
Next up, Japan!
Kept going through Japan and Morocco and back to France.
The restaurant in the back has your traditional French pastries and baguettes.
Ummmmm yum!
Ya I had to get another La Vie en rose slush. One for the road right?

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