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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last min park hop

Friday was our last full day in Florida so I asked the kids what they wanted to do. Cambria said she wanted to meet Pocahonta's and see Miss Devine at The Animal Kingdom. Baylen said he wanted to go on the Donald duck ride again. My mom was up for anything but hoping to go back to Via Napoli again. Me? I wanted to see the Fruit bats at Aniaml Kingdom. So we fulfilled everyones wishes and did a little park hoping.
Baylen was excited to see that they had trams to
We got to Animal kingdom about 15mins before Miss Devine came out so we walked around the front while we waited.
Saw some fun stuff
Including a Giant African anteater.
And Miss Devine.
And Pocahonta's.
There was a huge turtle by pocahonta's.
Some more of the tree.
Where I wanted to go
To see the fruit bats...Warning grandma's..This next pic you wont like.
Isn't he pretty! I could watch them all day!
Right next to the bats were the Tigers
This one kept walking over the water.
Pretty arch way
Watching the tigers
After that I needed a beer for the road..
On the way out we stopped at rainforest café to look inside.
Then we headed over to epcot. It was around 2pm.
First stop, a food kiosk.
My mom got her beet salad again and some kinda lime drink.
Next up mexico.
We all split a mushroom-less Quesadilla and a raspberry Margarita.
These things were so darn good!
Inside the courtyard
Of course we had to try on more hats
And Baylens ride that he wanted again...for the 3rd time.
I had to get my sweet pretzel. I always get one when I go. More to come tomorrow!

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