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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kalona, Iowa

On day 4 we decided to head over to Kalona. Another Amish colony about 2 hours away. Its one we always go to cause they have the best market!
First stop....Donutland
This place is right by our hotel and we went to it the last time we were there.
We got a bunch of flavors to split. 
But really...How can you resist a donut hole.
After our drive the first stop was to the cheese factory. The cheese making facilities are closed now but you can still buy stuff inside. They have the best cheese curds. 
Up next was our favorite market. 
A few buggy's outside. That white building behind them used to be the old market. But just opened up a much bigger one right next door. 
Inside. Everything is super cheap and mostly homemade. 
An Amish lady stocking. 
Hard candies
Dried fruit's
Soup mixes
Gas lite to.
We were also told to head our and about a 3 min drive was where they'd get their textiles and a authentic bakery. My mom fell in love with this rocker.  
Inside the community annex
Hats anyone?
Downtown Kalona.
Did I mention it was raining and very windy...yup.
I LOVE this store. We've gone to it before. I had to go back. I knew my sister would like it to. 
Its a house and a barn filled to the brim with new and old. Plus the outside is a hole wonderland in itself. I would seriously take home so much if I lived there. 
Inside the top level of the house.
Out front. 
I think it was a success

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