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Monday, November 10, 2014


Since Halloween was on a Friday The kids had school. Cambria had a lil parade and was able to wear her costume to school. I stayed to take some pics after I dropped her off.
Tons of kids.
can you see her?
her class was over to the left.
As you can see, she's probably the shortest one in her class. 
walking back
with her friend Tessa
We finally carved our pumpkins before trick or treating.
Costume changes were in order. 
It was supposed to rain, which it did at 9pm.
Marilyn's house was the first stop.
David went as King Fergus
And I put my tutu and ears to work
Baylen LOVED Kenndy's house. Cambria didnt want to go. Baylen went 2 times and wanted to take pics. 

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  1. That last picture is really cool. Did both kids to to that door? I think I'd have been scared. That's so cool that Minnie Mouse stopped by too!