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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oak Glen

We haven't been to Oak Glen since Cambria was 4Months old ( check HERE for that ) so needless to say its been a while. Of course a few days before the weather had been nice and cool so I was hoping for colder weather but by Sunday that all changed. It was 88 up there and since we were wearing our fall best it was a tad warm. We first meet up with my friend Jen so her mom could take our pics. After we stayed a bit and picked some apples. More iPhone pic's to come tomorrow.


  1. Such cute pictures, looks like they were having fun. Did they try eating any apples

  2. There were a few years when we went every fall. Loved that trip. So Glad that you guys are keeping the tradition going. Is the museum with the taxidermy animals still up there?