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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween time

Since were going in for such a short time on Wednesday It was my moms idea today to take the kids in for a few hours to see the Halloween d├ęcor.
On the tram over.
on our way to the haunted mansion ( 2 hour wait so we didn't do it ) we ran into the tree house which the kids have never done. They loved it. Twice!
he would run out of gusto and use his hands.
at the bottom they had interactive stuff.
they loved it.
especially anything that involves yelling!
And climbing.
Then we had lunch on main street. Right when we were going to leave they said the parade was 10 mins away. So we stayed and got some cookies.
He's starting to not like his pics being taken.
And then he'll change his mind.
Parade view.
They usually close the fairy greet but left it open.
They wanted to take pics all day
We hit up the alice and tea cups ride on the way out.
This is Baylen after a few spins...haha
"Take my picture"!

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