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Friday, November 8, 2013

Old friends

Sorry for the lack of blog posting. I went back to work and am working overtime this week with closing shifts. I don't get home till 10pm and everyone in the house is a sleep by then. But cause of that I don't have much to post. I did however manage to get together with an old friend the other day. She was in town from New Hampshire and the last time she was here we couldn't meet up. So we had to meet up this time. Of course I had to work when I told her I had the day off so we meet up for 2 hours before hand.
Christina and I.
Baylen picked up the gun and said " Lets do this"! lol
Then he went over to pac man and said " mom, look wreck it ralph". Sometimes this kid cracks me up.  And yes Cambria was with us, I don't know how she didn't get in any pic's!

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