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Monday, March 10, 2014

Palm Springs.

Sunday David drove us over to Palm Springs to see if we could see some snow. It wasn't really busy and we only had to wait about 10 mins to get the tram. Which by the way was not fun! Basically the floor rotates so you really cant hang on. Well people didn't really understand that and the kids were getting pushed around. And everytime we'd go over a tower it would sway a bit. B hated that part. He cried. Basically the entire ride. There and back. Oh well. We walked up the the top to look around and then headed down and out to outside where the trails and snow were. The kids kinda liked the snow. Cambria was fine unless she feel and then she'd get mad cause she was wet. B didn't seem to care and liked it. They including David loved throwing snowballs and attempting to make an Olaf snowman. We just found a few on the way and claimed them as ours, haha. More pics to come tomorrow!

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  1. Good pictures, looks like you Olaf Snowman