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Sunday, January 11, 2015

frozen fun

On Friday I took the kids over to DCA for the new "frozen fun" they just added. We meet up with our friends that live around the corner.
First stop was pretzel's. 
Of course they got the last ones and wouldn't share.
going on monster's inc together.
of course we did the sing a long and meet new friends.
Cambria loved it
inside the theater
B liked the snow
We waited ( said (60 mins but was more like 20 ) for the snow play.
They got to build snowmen and ride on sleds. Their favorite part was the sleds. 
We wanted to meet olaf but the line was 90 Min's. We had grabbed some cotton candy and hot cocoa and were about to leave when I cast member came by with a pager and asked if we had meet olaf. I said no cause we couldn't wait that long. She handed us the pager and said here ya go, it's about to go off. 
So we got lucky and maybe waited 10 Min's! B was happy about that.
in the theater.
Our friends had to go so we headed over to the "freeze the night." When this was Alice in wonderland the kids loved it! 
They had a DJ playing songs on the stage and with a lil frozen performances, the big snowman in the back with lights all over the floor, and a lil building "ice" block area for kids.  
They would have stayed all night.
Until B had to go "potty" every 15 mins...ha ha 

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  1. Wow that looked like fun bet Cambria had fun with her school friends