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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Mr. B

Today ( the 29th ) Baylen turned 5. Since he wanted to do to Disneyland for his bday we had presents and a Star wars themed dinner ( actually the food was Carls JR cause his new favorite are their chicken stars ) the night before.
Coming out to the room
He loved his Darth Vader pillow
And of course the many star wars toys he got
Cambra got one to
He LOVES this gun.
Star wars
Cambria drew him a card. I love you, Them dressed up as star wars characters, His favorite girl character, and Baylen protecting her while they watch fireworks.
And just a few pics from the past years.


  1. So cute Mr B all nice gifts anrd love the card Cambria made

  2. So glad we were able to work a impromptu get-together. It's getting tougher to make those things work what with all the different schedules as kids get older. So glad you were born Baylen!!! You too Amy!!! Hope I remembered to tell your Daddy the same thing.