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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Danny Elfman's The Nightmare Before Xmas,

The last few years Danny Elfman does a show at the bowl, however it's always on Halloween. Well, Im a little busy trick or treating with the kids so I cant go. This year he added a show on November 1st. Of course Bridget and I jumped on that right away! They played the Movie while Danny Elfman and the Original cast sang as well. It was a great show.
I drove to Bridget's and we took the Metro and the train into Hollywood. 
Right outside
We didnt know Cherly and her Husband were there till we ran into them.
Our seats were up but dead center
Slides during the movie
The Violinist was great!
Kidnap Mr Sandy claws
Danny Elfman
Maureen, the voice of Sally and Shock. 
Singing together
They were reprising "Lock, Shock, and Barrel"
Ending our late night, back to the train. 

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