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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rose Parade Floats

So like I said before my Intentions were going to see the floats but we made a few side trips to a few parks on the way. After our trip to my favorite park we went to the Rose bowl. Grabbed a football program for my mom and an Iowa shirt for David and we headed in to see the floats. The kids liked looking at them and asked a lot of questions. On our way to the 2nd tent with floats was a Jet the kids got to ride in and get a key chain. After that tent we went outside to do some activities which included throwing a football and petting a Coyote ( It was obviously dead ).  They had some food trucks there that were from 2 of the places I went to all the time growing up so the kids and I split a grilled cheese and some fries. Of course there just so happened to be yet another play ground there so they got to play a bit longer before the 2 hour drive home ( Traffic ).

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