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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Aquarium of the Pacific

I seems like it's getting harder and harder to blog these days. So I will try to pop in from time to time but definitely less then I used to. Around xmas time David won 2 free adult tickets to the Aquarium from his work. So we decided to use them this past Sunday. Once we got there the kids remembered going before. They had fun looking at the fish and I think their favorite part was the sea lions. They were loud and they kept diving by them and opening their mouths under water. Cambria thought they were funny! B got a little plastic sea lion to take home with him.


  1. Looks ;ole they had a good time fun seeing pictures again

  2. Good seeing Grandma back on here again. Bet you enjoyed the catching up Yvonne! I really love that picture of
    Amy and Cambria. The one of Dave with the kids by the bay is nice too! I went there a few years ago with Jana & the kids. Would enjoy doing it again.