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Sunday, November 18, 2012


David wanted to do some stuff in the new house today and since Cambria's been pretty whiny that I have not been home on the weekend's I grabbed my mom ( grandma ) and we headed over to Disneyland for the day. We only went on Ariel over at California Adventure and then went to Disneyland for the day. We just happened to use the "kid" friendly bathrooms down on main street when Cambria ran into Bert. He told her that Alice and the Mad hatter were gonna be playing Musical chairs any min and then Mary poppins and him were gonna dance at the castle. So stuck around for a few Min's to participate.
Here we go! I thought for sure she'd be the first 1 out. She stuck around for a good time and when she got out they gave her another chance to get back in. She loved it!
Her expression's crack me up!
She told them she was gonna sing Katy perry but then changed her mind to It's a small world.
Ya no, not enjoying her self at all!
After we walked over to the castle. Burt saw her right away and they pulled her up in front. She of course jumped at the opportunity.

Then we walked by the fairies. We waited 40 Min's and right when we got up they took a break. When they came back It was only Periwinkle but that was OK since we had seen Tink a few times before.
Cambria was showing her Brother the fairies.

He was always scared of the characters before but not this time.
Ya, he was in love.

Love I tell ya!
And no day at Disney is complete with out churros!

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