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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween and Field trip!

I know I'm way behind. Ive been super busy all week and don't even have time to post now! Ive been to Lowes more times this week then I ever have. Joys of home ownership right? By the time I get home It's 10pm and I'm tired! So here I go trying to play catch up Last Thursday was Cambria's Halloween party at school. They also had her field trip with the firetruck. It was postponed a week so she had a busy school day. You can see her field trip from last year here.

Sitting on my lap cause the sun was in her face.

Her friend Aurora from last year.


  1. Cute pictures she does so enjoy school, such a happy smiley face

  2. Sure was an exciting day for the kids. Were they even able see out the windshield I wonder? Probably not, but still fun to get into the cab and pretend.