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Friday, May 31, 2013

Disneyland...Yes again.

I swear for these 2 going to Disneyland is like going to the grocery store. Spoiled children!
She's always loving on her brother.
They thought these long noodles were funny.
"Look Baylen you can see yourself in the spoon!"
They liked the bridges over at the wilderness park.
Watched the show.
They weren't to keen on these ones but after the 4th one Baylen was a pro.
Waiting for the Playhouse Disney show to start.
So there scared of the ride but not the actual monster? I don't understand these 2?
"Mom, I want this chair. It's pink!"
Having a churro while waiting for the parade to start.
It's that character their scared of.
On our way out I searched the park for a pretzel and on the way we walked by the Zephyr ride. Cambria insisted we ride it. Problem was it only sat 2. So she was excited to ride the ride by herself while B and I sat behind her.


  1. Doesn't look like you got to DL this time around but cute pictures but did some new things at DCA

  2. The children are going to be Disney experts. Ha, probably know way more than I do already.