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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day.

After breakfast we decided to trek over to Orange county and pay a visit to Fashion Island and of course Sprinkles. It didn't hurt that it was only 80 there and almost 100 at our house so of course we didn't mind escaping the heat. We walked around a bit and decided to grab some pretzels before heading home. Cambria just so happened to see her best friend from school there to. Funny they were there to when they only live a few blocks from us. So we talked with them for a while and the kids went into the pet store. Probably not the smartest thing. Cambria and Baylen were so excited about all the dogs walking around outside the store. Going in just made it worst. After we left we headed down the street to Sprinkles but the line was out of control so we just headed home. The kids got some baskin Robbins so they didn't mind.
Our drive.
Tiffany and Cambria looking in the pet store window.
He's so cute.
My Lil nuggets.
A nice guy offered to take our pic.
Ice Cream!!!

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