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Monday, December 23, 2013

Ollie...Our elf.

Last year my mom bought the Kids the Elf on the shelf. It was after xmas so It has been packed away since then. This year I got it out. I wasn't sure If they'd like it or understand it but they Loved him! With a little from David for the name ( He would have been named Sleeping Beauty ) He shall be called Ollie. Normally Ollie was a nice, well-behaved Elf. But on a few Occasions he got into a little trouble. One time He drew with a marker on our pictures, another he tee-peed the xmas tree. Cambria was so mad at him! But when It was cleaned up she was happy.
Bubble bath anyone?
Of course there were a few missing marshmallows all day.
Good thing we have a ton of band aides.
David had a little fun with him sometimes to.
I was hoping this would work, but of course it hasn't.
And the good bye note they will get tomorrow complete with the Planes movie..

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