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Friday, December 27, 2013

Xmas Eve

Sorry Im behind...just a little busy! Aunt Mary and Uncle Rick are in town from Oregon so we headed over the The Robinson's house to meet up for Xmas eve with the families..
Pizza at the Kid table.
We opened some presents as well.
And more..
He was excited about his Batman car.
What is it Sadie???
Cambria Loved Aunt Mary.
dinosaur Hot wheels!
And then that happened. Tooth Number 2! She said " Mom my tooth came out"! As she came over and handed it to me. She was playing with it all night so it was just a matter of time. She said it was on her tongue and she took it off so she wouldn't swallow it.
When we got home we got our Reindeer food ready.
And spread it outside.
In the driveway since there was seeds in it.
And of course opened 1 more xmas eve gift.
Of PJ's!
Matching "frozen" pj's.
Got our treat for Santa,
Ok, I think their ready for him!


  1. I saved all of these on my computer. Gotta do this more often! Great fun this Christmas Eve made even more so with the visit from Aunt Mary and Uncle Rick.