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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ariel Birthday.

On Saturday we had Cambria's 6th birthday. This year she wanted Ariel. I can do that! That's an easy one! She invited a few friends from school and her friends that live down the street as well. She and Baylen had a blast!
Before the party. The crab had water and Juices in it.
Of course!
I set up a little craft for the kids. They got to paint shells. They Loved it!
The d├ęcor made it seem like you were under the ocean complete with jelly fish.
And seaweed in the house.
And of course we watched the little mermaid.
See, the kids loved painting!
The adults...
I took pics of the food on my phone so Ill have to load those but here's some of the dessert.
Marshmallow Octopus's, Gram crackers dipped in blue chocolate. Jello with fish inside, blue velvet cupcakes and Funfetti cupcakes.
The birthday girl got a mini ariel cake.
Sean, Shannon, and Belinda.
When it came to dessert time it was a mad house!
Her class mates. Mallory, Cambria, and Brooklyn.
Present time.
Ever after skirt.
Princess pop up game.
See Sherri, Told you she'd be excited for a Cleo doll.
A purse with makeup..Uh oh!
Coloring books!
Group shot.. Lets see. Top row. Layla, Chloe, and Audrey F. Middle Row. Sarah, Rachel's sister that I don't know her name, Mallory, Sadie, Shayna, Cambria, Noemi, Rachel, Chloe, Sophie, Kennedy, Brooklyn, Brooklyn's sister Adeline, and Ethan.
close up
The favors..

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