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Thursday, June 26, 2014


The last 8 weeks I have been a part of this group of mom's fitness program every Mon,Tue, and Thursday nights. Next week is my last week. Im really hoping to continue but we'll see. Wednesday they had a big celebration party which included an hour free class and a kids band performing after.
They had a Minion there.
Mama's boy.
Dancing with Andrea one of my trainers.
Group selfie.
we all went for a little run into a large empty parking lot. Did a lil routine and then headed out.
Ran behind the movie theater and onto a new parking lot.
Another lil workout.
There were 100's of people there with strollers of course so It made it a little hard to workout so we just went for a walk.
Baylen, Cambria, and Gavin
Waiting for Hulabaloo to start.
Show time!

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  1. This is the park and lake that you showed us about a month ago. Looks like a lot of fun for both moms and kiddles.