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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

day 2

On our first full day in the park we woke up some what early cause we had breakfast reservations at Carnation cafe.
I had to document empty plate. This has never happened. She loves her some pancakes! 
Of course we hit up their favorite ride. Not right after breakfast though. 
David was taking pics.
Davids one request was to meet Thor...
45 mins later...
Another one of their favorite rides.
Then we took them over to the island. They had never been there before. 
They were having way to fun
Of course David liked it to. For a little while. 
It didn't take Baylen long to get used to the caves.. His sister on the other hand...She doesn't like anything new so this took a lot of  us talking her into it. 
She liked them after a while but still preferred the bridge,

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  1. Thank's love pictures, yep they looked like they were enjoying the island